785 Raman

Centice’s Technology

What is 785 Raman?


While spectroscopy has been around for years, it had limited applications due to cost. The Raman 785 is a laser that was specifically designed to offer the necessary combination of performance, reliability and cost of ownership. This has enabled a significant increase in applications including Raman spectroscopy devices such as the Mobile Field Lab-3000 (MFL).


Centice’s Products

How does Centice leverage this technology to aid law enforcement?


Centice is dedicated to identifying solutions that can benefit from coded aperture spectroscopy.


To support narcotics and controlled prescription drug (CPD) identification, Centice leveraged its patented coded aperture Raman spectroscopy technology to develop the Mobile Field Lab-3000.  This portable device provides first responders such as law enforcement, border patrol and the military with a presumptive drug test that shows the chemical structure of a confiscated substance and establishes probable cause..  In addition, the MFL-3000 helps reduce the burden on overtaxed crime laboratories, by screening out and prioritizing evidence before additional testing is done in the forensic laboratory.


Further applications of this technology include: