The DEA’s Office of Diversion Control stated mission is to “prevent, detect, and investigate the diversion of controlled pharmaceuticals and listed chemicals from legitimate sources while ensuring an adequate and uninterrupted supply for legitimate medical, commercial, and scientific needs.” Agents throughout the U.S. meet this challenge through supportive funding by local pharmacists and work to ensure local geographies are clear of organized diversion activities. Centice provides training and solution support to this mission.


Drug Identification

Centice products help agents correctly identify both prescription drugs and illicit substances placed on the DEA’s schedule of drugs. Field diversion officers can use both the chemical identification function of the Raman Spectrometer and the comprehensive Medi-Span® visual application to confidently identify FDA approved drugs. Field officers now have both the power of science with the reliability of visual cues to make arrests and enforce standards.


Chemical Monitoring

In addition to drugs, Centice products can identify a variety of chemicals that the DEA controls. This information can be used by field agents to help identify unknown evidence and to help differentiate between benign collections of chemical substances and those that may be subject to further inspection and investigation.


Undercover Buys

Field officers use a variety of tactics in helping police diversion controls. The use of planned “buys” in the field from suspected drug dealers is critical to gathering evidence. Knowing exactly what is purchased in a timely manner contributes to faster intelligence gathering, faster arrests and more efficient prosecution rates.

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