MFL-3000 — Bringing the Lab to the Field

Take 45 seconds to see how easy the MFL-3000 is to use.  60 seconds for presumptive results!

MFL-3000: Fast, Accurate Drug Identification

The most cost-effective solution of its kind on the market, the MFL-3000 enables law enforcement to quickly and easily perform drug identification in the field without destroying evidence. With a library of over 3600 narcotics, precursors, synthetic drugs, and prescription pills, the MFL-3000 can identify the vast majority of illicit substances found on the street……

Durability Testing – The Shake Test

The engineering teams at Centice have put the MFL-3000 through rigorous durability testing. In this video, the MFL-3000 is subjected to 20g of force peak to peak in the shake test.