Why Centice?

Top 10 Reasons Centice Delivers the Best Solution for Drug Identification

1. Simplicity:

Using any Centice product is a simple 3-step process. (Click here to watch the video)

Step 1 – Measure: Place sample on the Spectrometer window and cover. The system identifies substances in clear plastic bags and glass vials, allowing minimal contact of the sample.

Step 2 – Identify:  Pressing the analyze button prompts the Raman spectrometer to begin capturing the spectra for identification of the unknown substance.

Step 3 – Results:  A unique spectral fingerprint of the substance is created. This result is then compared to Centice’s embedded proprietary database of over 3,800 substances to ensure an objective and reliable identification.


2 Extensive Library:

The Centice library has a comprehensive set of over 3,800 prescription drugs, illicit substances, synthetic drugs, as well as most precursors and cutting agents.  Centice is dedicated to maintaining the most accurate library. New substances are added quarterly.


3. Identification of Mixtures in Narcotics:

When street mixtures are analyzed, the unit indicates both the narcotics plus the adulterants in the mixtures. This is especially helpful with “intelligence-led investigations”. For example: location and movement of dealers can be identified when you have multiple drug buys that use the same cutting agents in their mixtures.


4. Affordability:

Centice’s products are priced significantly lower than any other portable spectroscopy devices on the market today. Centice is committed to delivering the most flexible solutions that provide the best value for the price.


5. Accuracy from Technology:

The system uses a science called Raman Spectroscopy. In Raman Spectroscopy, a laser is directed at a substance. The laser excites the molecules in the substance and emits energy or wavelengths of light that can be captured. The resulting data on the wavelengths represents the unique “signature” of the substance. This information can be displayed as a graph and can be matched to known graphs of drugs. Raman spectroscopy is shown to have higher discriminatory power than a color based tests. Color tests are subjective and the results are not documented. They tend to yield more false positives. Raman has lower false positive rate but much higher false negative rate and law enforcement does not need to keep up with a variety of chemical tests.

Centice’s patented ‘Coded Aperture Snapshot Spectral Imager’ delivers accurate results while allowing the laser to be larger and safer, and lowering cost.  This leads to more reliable readings because of homogeneous measurements from samples and spectrometer does not burn any samples due to low laser power density.


6. Reporting:

The self-contained spectrometer unit produces instant user-friendly reports that can be stored or easily sent to prosecutors for search and arrest warrants.  Reports and unit usage history are stored indefinitely and can be shared via web email or through a USB interface.


7. Durability (Ruggedized MFL Units):

The MFL-200N, 200P, and 3000 are housed in an industrial strength case with insulated foam for shock absorption.  The spectrometer doesn’t have any moving parts and has been tested extensively for durability and robustness.  View the Video


8. Safety:

The spectrometer is class -1 laser safe. The laser radiation in the unit is contained within the unit, so there is no safety hazard for operators.


9. Scientific Acceptance:

U.S Drug Enforcement Administration and Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) co-sponsored the formation of Scientific Working Group for the analysis of seized drugs (SWGDRUG). This group, comprised of more than 20 forensic scientists from around the world, recommends standards for the forensic examination of seized drugs and seeks international acceptance for these standards.

The group classifies all available sciences for drug analysis into three categories – category A, B or C based on their discriminatory power with “A” being the highest and “C” the lowest. Their guidelines to forensic labs indicate that a lab has to perform two tests on the seized samples – at-least one of which should “A”.  Raman spectroscopy is considered as meeting the need of “A” test.


10. Court Precedence:

The DOJ has declared Raman Spectroscopy a valid science for the examination of evidence. Centice products use a Raman spectrometer, which is recognized for its design excellence and has been proven in the marketplace for over four years. Centice will back any jurisdiction with expert scientific testimony if required.