The Mobile Field Lab-3000 has become the “go-to” tool for narcotics, diversion and interdiction units.  Hear what your peers in law enforcement have to say:


“We need a good method to identify all drugs, the MFL is compact, has good results, and is easy to use. When we use the MFL we can hold the defendant and then verify with the lab for court.”
Sheriff Tom Volner,
Reynolds County Sheriff’s Office, MO


“This piece of technology gives us the edge,  it shortens the time and is easily adopted in the field…it’s on the leading edge.”
Commander Phillip Price,
Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad, GA


“With the MFL-3000, we are able to swiftly identify substances without having to release suspects pending lab analysis and then seek arrest warrants months later. It has been invaluable in narcotic drug identification, a proven product with street-durable hardware and easy to use, reliable software,”
Roger C. Salmonsen, Esq., Investigator
General Narcotics Unit, City of Tallahassee Police Department, FL


“We now take this piece of equipment with us on every loadout and the technology intimidates suspects and grabs their attention.”
Agent Walt Jones,
Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad, GA


“This piece of equipment is essentially a one stop shop…with this device we can very quickly tell what we are going to collect, essentially cutting our evidence investigation time in half.”
Agent Nate Luca,
Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad, GA